Predictive markers for mental illness - Ethical considerations of the IMAGEMEND Project


Mental disorders are leading causes of disability, absence from work and premature retirement in Europe. In the IMAGEMEND consortium, we aim to identify the patient characteristics most relevant for treatment, to derive biomarkers and decision rules to produce automated imaging-based diagnostic and predictive tests tailored for wide distribution throughout Europe in standard clinical settings.
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The IMAGEMEND Consortium

IMAGEMEND brings together a consortium of European scientists with extensive experience that is ideally suited for its neuroimaging and multi-modal investigations into psychiatric illnesses and subsequent clinical translation as diagnostic and predictive tests. The consortium includes 14 partners from 4 EU and 3 EU-associated countries.

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PressRelease: IMAGEMEND at the European Congress of Ethics Committees

IMAGEMEND provides new guidance for clinicians and patients in genetic testing in psychiatric disorders


Final IMAGEMEND GA-meeting held in Heidelberg, Germany

With IMAGEMEND coming to an end after four years, the General Assembly met in Heidelberg for discussions on the projects results.