30/9/2017: The IMAGEMEND project has ended successfully

Final publishable summary report


13/9/2017: Final IMAGEMEND GA-meeting

With IMAGEMEND coming to an end after four years, the General Assembly met in Heidelberg (Germany) for discussions on the projects results.



6/9/2017: IMAGEMEND poster presentation at ECNP

An IMAGEMEND poster was presented at ECNP 2017 in Paris summarising the project.


7/7/2017: PressRelease: IMAGEMEND at the European Congress of Ethics Committees

IMAGEMEND provides new guidance for clinicians and patients in genetic testing in psychiatric disorders.


28/6/2017: IMAGEMEND symposium at RCPSYCH International Congress

At the RCPSYCH International Congress an IMAGEMEND symposium was held entitled 'The EU IMAGEMEND Consortium, imaging risk of psychosis and predicting who will become unwell'. The symposium was organised by Andrew McIntosh (UEDIN) and Sophia Frangou (ISMMS), who also gave talks in addition to Emanuel Schwarz (CIMH).


15/5/2017: IMAGEMEND workshop at European congress of research ethics committees

In a conference organized by the EUREC and the Spanish national association of RECs (Asociación Nacional de Comités de Ética de la Investigación (ANCEI) in May 2017 (17th-19th) in Barcelona, a one day discussion (May, 17th) was dedicated to ethical topics that are linked to the research performed in IMAGEMEND.


13/9/2017: IMAGEMEND SC-meeting

The IMAGEMEND Steering Committee met in Edinburgh (Scotland) to discuss last steps to move the project forward, before it will officially end in five months.


4/4/2017: IMAGEMEND symposium at EPA

At the European Congress of Psychiatry an IMAGEMEND symposium was held entitled 'Dissecting Heterogeneity in Psychiatric Disorders using Imaging and Genetic Markers'. The symposium was organised by Sophia Frangou (ISMMS) and features talks of Emanuel Schwarz (CIMH), Barbara Franke (RUNMC), Giulio Pergola (UNIBA) and Ole Andreasse (UiO).


18/3/2017: Discussing ENIGMAtters: Martine Hoogman & Barbara Franke of ENIGMA-ADHD

In Episode 2 of ENIGMA’s interview series, ENIGMA-ADHD chairs Martine Hoogman and Barbara Franke (RUNMC) discuss their recent work published in The Lancet Psychiatry. Their findings show structural differences in subcortical brain regions in MRIs of patients with ADHD. Click here to watch the video.



04-05/12/2016: IMAGEMEND work to be presented at ACNP 2016, Florida, USA


Barbara Franke will present a poster and give a Hot Topic presentation on ENIGMA ADHD / IMAGEMEND work at ACNP. Lear more about the conference here.


10-11/11/2016: IMAGEMEND GA-meeting, Budapest, Hungary

The fourth IMAGEMEND General Assembly meeting was successfully held in Budapest, Hungary from 10. - 11. November 2016.


10/11/2016: IMAGEMEND Symposium accepted for RCPSYCH International Congress 2017

Andreas Meyer-Lindenberg (CIMH), Andrew McIntosh (UEDIN), and Sophia Frangou (ISMMS) will give talks during IMAGEMEND's symposium at RCPSYCH International Congress 2017, Edinburgh, Scotland.


04/08/2016: IMAGEMEND Symposium accepted for EPA 2017

An IMAGEMEND symposium entitled 'Dissecting Heterogeneity in Psychiatric Disorders using Imaging and Genetic Markers' has been accpeted for EPA 2017 (Florence, Italy). Talks will be given by several partner from IMAGEMEND:
- Giulio Pergola (UNIBA)
- Emanuel Schwarz (CIMH)
- Barbara Franke (RUNMC)
- Ole Andreassen (UiO)


17-22/07/2016: ICOM6, Budapest, Hungary

Giulio Pergola from the IMAGEMEND consortium will give a talk entitled 'Variability of thalamic imaging phenotypes is associated with cognition, schizophrenia and genetics' at the ICOM6. Click here to learn more about the conference.


05/06/2016: Paper in World Psychiatry

The IMAGEMEND consortium has published a paper in World Psychiatry on identifying multimodal signatures associated with symptom clusters. Click here to download it.


24/05/2016: Post in Donders Wonders blog

Thomas Wolfers from the IMAGEMEND consortium has posted an article entitled 'Can you say what is normal?' on the Donders Wonders blog. Click here to read it. 


12-14/05/2016: SOBP 2016, Atlanta, USA

A Symposium on 'Multimodal Markers of disease expression in mental disorders: results from large clinical and general population cohorts' will be given by various partners from the IMAGEMEND consortium. Please click here for further information on the congress.


01/04/2016: EPA, Florence, Italy

Emanuel Schwarz presented 'Key Findings from IMAGEMEND' during a talk at 2016.



25-28/11/2015: DGPPN 2015, Berlin, Germany

A press conference on 'Breakthroughs in Psychiatry', which will also mention IMAGEMEND, will be given during this year's DGPPN (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Psychiatrie, Psychosomatik und Nervenheilkunde) conference by Prof. Meyer-Lindenberg. Additionally, talks will be held by Prof. Meyer-Lindenberg and Dr. Emanuel Schwarz on amongst others 'Biomarker discovery in Psychiatry’. Please click here for more information on the conference.


17-23/10/2015: SfN 2015, Chicago, USA

Details on pattern recognition in stop-signal fMRI classifying ADHD from siblings and controls will be presented during a poster session by Thomas Wolfers (RUNMC). Please click here for more information on the SfN conference.


16-20/10/2015: WCPG 2015, Toronto, Canada

Andrew McIntosh (UEDIN) will give a talk on “Familial neuroimaging studies of genetic risk for mood disorder” during this year's World Congress of Psychiatric Genetics in Toronto, Canada. The talk is part of a symposium entiteld "Tracking the Descent to Mental Illness – Insights into the Trajectory to Illness from Studies of Youth at High Risk of Bipolar Disorder".


05-06/10/2015: 3rd General Assembly meeting in Porto Petro, Mallorca, Spain

The third IMAGEMEND General Assembly meeting was successfully held in Porto Petro, Mallorca, Spain from 5. - 6. October 2015.


19-26/9/2015: Neuroscience School of Advanced Studies

Prof. Meyer-Lindenberg has highlighted recent experience from the IMAGEMEND consortium as part of a course entitled 'Biomarkers in Psychiatry' organized by the Neuroscience School of Advanced Studies. The course took place from 19th to 26th September in Südtirol.


2/9/2015: ECNP 2015, Amsterdam

Two talks addressing IMAGEMEND were held by Prof. Meyer-Lindenberg during the Targeted Netwoks Meetings just after the 28th ECNP Congress:


- How can industry use fMRI to stratify patients and discover new treatments?

- Validating preclinical biomarkers in psychiatry - a mechanism-based approach


For details please click here.


7-8/5/2015: 4th Steering Committee meeting in Hamburg, Germany

Latest results were presented and next steps discussed during the fourth Steering Committee meeting in Hamburg, Germany, from 7.-8. May 2015.


21/01/2015: E-Publication Common genetic variants influence human subcortical brain structures

Click here to find out more.



19/11/2014: The IMAGEMEND poster is now online!

Click here for download.


04/11/2014: 2nd General Assembly meeting in Bari, Italy

The second IMAGEMEND General Assembly meeting was successfully held in Bari, Italy, from 3. - 4. November 2014.


January 2014: Ethics approvals for IMAGEMEND studies received.